Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 13th 2009

July 13th,

Still on the road and still between stops so there is not much to update everyone on. We are still walking by night and the wildlife seems to come out of hiding. I was walking and around 2:00am and 17 miles there was a quick rustling sound and I stopped (the MCC stopped as well) dead in my tracks. We looked around, using the headlights as our source of light, and didn't see anything. Great, because a wild animal is used to lack of light and when you can't see them they could do some damage. We pressed forward anyways, and after about another mile we saw a figure that a looked a bear sitting on the side of the road near a few trees. We stopped again and turned the brights on. The figure rose and turned and ran. We noticed it was a deer just before it jumped almost 15ft over a bunch of bushes. My pace quickly sped up because we wanted to find more deer. Not long after we saw another deer just as it was walking away from the road and into the woods.

That would be the most exciting thing about today, everything else would be just walking. Ill be posting another day shortly.

David Ashby

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