Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 12th 2009

We were supposed to stop at a shelter in Savannah, Georgia tonight, but something fell through and we were unable to stay there so we continued on our journey. Unfortunately, when the shelters are at capacity, if your not already checked in, then you are left out. Being left out means no bed, no shower, and no food for that night. You would never realize how much a shower means until you've gone about a week with out one.

At about midnight, around a half mile to crossing the boarder, Sgt. J. Ryan of the Port Wentworth Police Department pulled up behind us to make sure everything was okay. He stated that he got a report that a man with a towel on his head looked to be in serious pain. I quickly explained to the officer that it was me and the reason the towel was on my face was because I could no longer stand the stench of the paper plant nearby which smelled like sulfur, rotten eggs and dead animal. He replied with a "Welcome to northern Georgia." We talked for about an hour while I rested my feet, discussed everything from my mission to all the mesmerizing lights on his cruiser. I questioned if the lights were standard, and he replied "No, I added them bit by bit over the years" and when the boss man noticed the additions he simply replied "I don't know they just showed up."

When break time was over he escorted us to the state line with every light on his car shining and wished us the best of luck. Thanks Sgt. J. Ryan!!!

As we crossed the state line (Dexter the Mini Rat crossed the line with me) Megan and I stood in both states and enjoyed a celebratory Yoo-Hoo, which then made me feel sick. We pushed on anyways.

Other then that we just walked and walked and walked and wait... yeah, walked some more. That was just about all that happened this day.

David Ashby

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