Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day Five

Okay well today I had to do 28 miles before 6:30pm and that is a bit difficult. So I woke up at 5:00am which gave me around 6 hours to sleep then I was on the road again. Walking up to St. Augustine in about 12 and 1/2 hours and setting a personal record. I walked the farthest yet in the least amount of time and hit a record speed of 4mph and kept up that speed for an hours straight.

St. Augustine is a gorgeous city and a great place to be. When I got to the Coalition here, people were waiting and cheering for me. I spent some time with the people here and one child named Raven talked with me for close to an hour. Now I've got to walk to Jacksonville in the next two days. Thats 33 miles, but I wanted to brack it up into two days because 33 miles would do some damage. I'll blog later tomarrow.

David Ashby


  1. David,
    Keep on! Your efforts are raising awareness of lots of people!

    I am sharing your blog with others and urging their involvement.

    You are in my thoughts and heart!

    I wish you were my son!! You are awesome!!!! We are thinking of you every step of the way!! Melissa and family

  3. David,
    It's great to hear you are making progress and that people are cheering for you along the way. Wish there were pictures of your walk for you to post. I hope your talk with Raven was one that touched both of your lives. We are all pulling for you!

    Mrs. Keeler

  4. Congratulations on passing 100-mile mark!
    Please be sure to do maintenance: CLEAN feet, clip toenails, rubdown, etc. Small things, but could 'break' progress if unattended. Keep pumping that water, too.