Friday, July 3, 2009

Day Seven

All right, I woke up at around 12:3oam today. It was nice and cool and that's why I wanted to walk then. I had just rained so it was a bit humid, but it was around 70 degrees so it was nice. We walked for about two hours when we heard a splash in the creek on the side of the road. Megan and I looked at each other and sped up our speed of walking. Then something ran into the middle of the road (we think it was a deer because it had reflective eyes). We continued on and the thing in the water continued to follow us. After the thing followed us for a few minutes it stopped and we continued walking unharmed, but very paranoid.

The next few blog posts will be a bit undetailed, due to the fact that we had some technical problems.

Thank you for your support,

David Ashby

1 comment:

  1. David,

    Keep going! I'm proud of you! Our thoughts are with you and your family!

    Elizabeth and Jeff Black