Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three Days

Once we got to Washington D.C. we had to wait for the news station to get to us to tell everyone that we were finished. So NBC came out to talk to us and they did a short interview along with some extra footage. Day one was now over, we had decided that we would wait for tomorrow to start everything so that we could rest after 9 hours of walking.

After resting up, we started Day Two which consisted of going to the Covenant House in the Washington D.C. area to learn about what they do and see their director. So we got there and entered the lobby area, which we were greeted by two guys, one the director Dan and the assistant director The Candy Man. After small talk about the trip we headed up stairs to take a tour of their facility. This place was full of programs that were focused on helping older teens and young adults with education and job training. One class was dedicated to educating about construction and woodwork, which is great because no matter what people will need others to build things for them. After our tour we went to the conference room to talk about our journey in depth and our ideas that could help with the homeless situation. Afterwards we left, but were stopped by Brazilian News, who wanted us to go back to the White House to go another interview, but we said that we would wait until tomorrow to do it, because traffic in D.C. was just starting to pick up. They happily agreed, thus ending day two.

Resting and not walking for a whole day was not helpful, actually very painful. I don’t understand why, because you would think that not walking would make my feet happy, but no it was painful. This is the start of Day Three, the biggest day yet. On the list, Go to meet Congressmen and Senators, go to the Sasha Bruce House (it was the day they were having a party for the volunteers) to meet volunteers and staff, take a tour and learn about what they do and then do a small speech about what we did and telling the volunteers thank you. Then do the interview with the Brazilian News, before rushing home to get back to school.

The Rayburn Building, this is where we went to see Congressmen John Mica’s staff. Russell Robertson, Chief of Staff for John Mica, was our tour guide and meeting set-up guy. This man is one of the coolest guys we’ve met so far. He told us about what happens in each of the buildings and talked to us about our journey. John Mica was in Florida on his home time, so we told Russell about how we can fix some problems with youth homelessness and how we can get the communities involved. Afterwards we left to go see the Senators for Florida, with Russell. You would never think about how confusing the senate building is. Even Russell got lost, so we didn’t feel too helpless. After we found our way to Mel Martinez’s office I went to take a few pictures with him and talk for a few minutes. We talked to one of his assistants; she was really cool and wanted to know about the weird details about the walk. Then we went to see Bill Nelson’s staff and one of his main people. We talked for a good while about the trip and how they can help with the homeless youth situation.

Next on the list, Sasha Bruce House. We pulled up near the Sasha Bruce House, and went to speak with the director of the Organization. We found the head of the volunteers and spoke with him about what they do. After taking a tour around the facility and doing a short speech we talked to people individually. We talked to many volunteers and staff about homelessness and how to combat the problem of homelessness. The News crew was there to do their interview, so we did our interviews and talked about the stories that they do. This interview was different from the others, and they asked to see our feet and blisters, so we showed them. After all of that was over we said our goodbyes and headed out of the city to start our journey home.*

*In a car not on foot, not enough time.

Thank you,

David Ashby

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last Night-June 15th

Well, this is the last night of walking. About 20 miles to go and we decide to start at midnight. While my mother and god-mother are sleeping, I'm sitting in the back of the MCC (mobile command center) thinking about whats to come. I have three days in Washington D.C. after finishing and then we go home. What do we do when we get there, whats going to happen once we get there, will there be a lot of press? All these questions are constantly popping into my head and I just think to myself, this is the first time for all of us so nobody knows until we get there so lets just be prepared for everything that could possibly happen.

Midnight rolls around a few hours later, I've gotten no sleep, but don't feel a bit tired. We get prepared, getting our feet bandaged and wrapped up, then getting our shoes on. Then we set out more excited then ever because D.C. is just a few hours away. This excitement is quickly lost as we look up at a monstrous hill that seems to never end. We push on, determined to make it to D.C. before 9:00am.

Around about 6:00 in the morning, we peer up at a hill that was the biggest yet, if you were to sit on the hill you would start rolling. This hill was huge, so before we tackle this massive hill, we stop at the bottom and get some water. Then with a slow, but steady pace we climb the hill. We don't last too long. We had to stop about half way up the hill to rest for a minute, but then continued and when we reached the top, we felt happier then when we crossed a state border. Now we have about 6 miles to go before D.C.

The next few miles where some of the most exciting yet, just due to the fact that they are the last. Then after about an hour we see it. The Washington Monument! That feeling right there will always be with me, after weeks of walking and then to see my final destination. Just a great feeling of accomplishment.

9:28am We reach our final destination, The south lawn of the White House. I look at the the White House and sit down, laughing hysterically. We made it, We walked from Orlando to Washington D.C. before school started! The walk is over, but now comes the major awareness.

Over the course of the next 3 days we have to see Congressmen, Senator Mel Martinez and staff of Senator Bill Nelson. Also go to the Covenant House in Washington D.C. and the Sasha Bruce House to visit and speak. And to bring more awareness of homeless youth by getting the press involved. This is going to be a great three days!

David Ashby

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, we have arrived in Richmond. Civilization was a warm welcome as we crossed into Richmond, Virginia. Our destination was about 6 miles past the halfway point of Richmond, so our stay in Richmond wasn't long.

Stopping at St. Joseph's Villa we took a tour and learned about the homeless youth in the Richmond area. According to the last estimate there are 783 homeless youth in just that area. The Villa alone had 21 moms each with one or more children. Here at the Villa there were 43 children, most who where under the age of 3.

We went to talk to some of the kids and two remarkable girls there were extremely happy to talk to us. The two sisters were shy at first, but then started talking about there favorite ice creams to what time they wake up here at the Villa. Each girl, although seemed alike wanted to become two very different things when they started their careers. One wanted to become a Veterinarian, while the other wanted to have her own ice cream shop. They both wanted to bring happiness into others lives, Either though saving someones pet or treating them with ice cream.

The Villa has many programs not only for the residents, but for others coming for help. Several programs where dedicated to help those who need help with learning disabilities or behavioural problems. Please visit their website to learn how to donate and help these very helpful programs at

Next stop D.C.!!! We should be in D.C. by the end of this week. So please visit back to get all the information and updates as soon as we get them.

Thank you for all your support and time reading my posts,

David Ashby

100 miles to go!

At 5:40 am, I have reached the last 100 miles of my journey. I will blog later today about my travels over the past few days.

David Ashby

Friday, August 7, 2009

To Nowhereville And Back Again

On the road again, I'm still walking down the road again. HAHAHAHA

I believe the lack of civilization is having an effect on me. The last several days we have been in the middle of nowhere. The cell phones have been stuck in searching mode, signal, roaming signal or any kind of signal for that matter. Radio has been no good unless country, bluegrass or static. And forget trying to keep steady computer connection. I finally found a place where I can blog to tell you guys whats going on.

We where walking and several groups of unleashed dogs along our path. I guess Nowhereville doesn't have the same leash laws as Orlando and other big cities. Most of the time these dogs run to the end of there property and bark until we pass. We just ignore them most of the time.

One night we were walking along some back road and saw a deer grazing just outside the woods. We stopped to look at it because this is the first time we saw an entire deer on this trip. We usually see the back end of it as it's running away.

Walking through Nowhereville would have to be the creepiest and mom says "dangerous" roads ever. Most are just one lane roads that are usually made from dirt. The fog is so dense and with the woods being so thick it looks like a classic horror movie. Megan and myself were trying to freak my mom out by banging on the windows or telling stories about Axe murderers and zombies appearing in the fog to get us, that had to be the most fun these few nights.

Dexter the Rat (our mascot) is officially 9 1/2 pounds, due to the extra walking he does with me and the few bites of our protein bars he steals along with his own food. He still looks the same though, small and adorable.

We are officially in Virginia, but were disappointed to not find a sign stating so. So we didn't get our much wanted picture, in facts we didn't even know we crossed the border until we found a road on google maps showing we were in Virginia. We will be stopping in Richmond, Virginia and that will be our last stop before D.C.!!

Thank you all for your support,

David Ashby

Does anybody know when Orlando Schools start? And what time High School starts this next year? I still don't know...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Petition to have an audience with President Obama

Please follow this link to petition President Obama, to meet with HelpingStepByStep, to discuss the issue of child homelessness.

We need 2,000 signatures before August 15,2009. Please join us in this effort.

Thank you,
David Ashby

July 31st 2009

I made it to Raleigh North Carolina! Wow, when we think about how are we have walked I realize that the walk is more half way done. This is a list of needs that the The Raleigh Rescue Mission has.

The Raleigh Rescue Mission needs:

Men's shoes (sizes 10-13)

Hair brushes, combs

Spiral notebooks (one subject)

Women’s underwear (sizes 7-10)

Boy’s underwear (sizes 2T & 3T)

Children’s board games (ages 3 & up)

Box fans

Canned beans, greens, fruit

Baked beans


Iced tea bags, lemonade mix



Regular grits

Instant mashed potatoes

Flip flops (men & women)

Men’s underwear (sizes S-L)

Men’s T-shirts (sizes XL-3XL)

Men’s socks (dress & sport)

African American hair gel, conditioners & moisturizers

Bottled water

Laundry dryer sheets

Twin sheet sets

Twin vinyl zippered mattress covers

Baby wipes

Kool Aid & Lemonade Mix

Diapers (size 2 & 3)

Men’s disposable razors

Men’s boxers (size Medium & Large)


Here is the website that they have set up:

It's truly amazing the stories these kids tell. Many are so young though that its very sad. I think that the youngest child there was around the age of 5-9 months old.

One girl didn't want to eat her vegatables, but after we told her that it would make her smarter and stronger then the boys and she liked that idea. So she ate them with no problem. She broght her baby doll to lunch with a bottle so the baby could eat with everyone else.

Another boy, about seven or eight, said his dream was to become a mechanic and he was going to build racecars. He really liked to talk about the racecars and him building them.

A girl around the age of six to seven wanted to become a hairdresser. She love to play with everyone's hair and her true dream was to become a professional hairdresser.

I will update you some more later...

David Ashby