Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three Days

Once we got to Washington D.C. we had to wait for the news station to get to us to tell everyone that we were finished. So NBC came out to talk to us and they did a short interview along with some extra footage. Day one was now over, we had decided that we would wait for tomorrow to start everything so that we could rest after 9 hours of walking.

After resting up, we started Day Two which consisted of going to the Covenant House in the Washington D.C. area to learn about what they do and see their director. So we got there and entered the lobby area, which we were greeted by two guys, one the director Dan and the assistant director The Candy Man. After small talk about the trip we headed up stairs to take a tour of their facility. This place was full of programs that were focused on helping older teens and young adults with education and job training. One class was dedicated to educating about construction and woodwork, which is great because no matter what people will need others to build things for them. After our tour we went to the conference room to talk about our journey in depth and our ideas that could help with the homeless situation. Afterwards we left, but were stopped by Brazilian News, who wanted us to go back to the White House to go another interview, but we said that we would wait until tomorrow to do it, because traffic in D.C. was just starting to pick up. They happily agreed, thus ending day two.

Resting and not walking for a whole day was not helpful, actually very painful. I don’t understand why, because you would think that not walking would make my feet happy, but no it was painful. This is the start of Day Three, the biggest day yet. On the list, Go to meet Congressmen and Senators, go to the Sasha Bruce House (it was the day they were having a party for the volunteers) to meet volunteers and staff, take a tour and learn about what they do and then do a small speech about what we did and telling the volunteers thank you. Then do the interview with the Brazilian News, before rushing home to get back to school.

The Rayburn Building, this is where we went to see Congressmen John Mica’s staff. Russell Robertson, Chief of Staff for John Mica, was our tour guide and meeting set-up guy. This man is one of the coolest guys we’ve met so far. He told us about what happens in each of the buildings and talked to us about our journey. John Mica was in Florida on his home time, so we told Russell about how we can fix some problems with youth homelessness and how we can get the communities involved. Afterwards we left to go see the Senators for Florida, with Russell. You would never think about how confusing the senate building is. Even Russell got lost, so we didn’t feel too helpless. After we found our way to Mel Martinez’s office I went to take a few pictures with him and talk for a few minutes. We talked to one of his assistants; she was really cool and wanted to know about the weird details about the walk. Then we went to see Bill Nelson’s staff and one of his main people. We talked for a good while about the trip and how they can help with the homeless youth situation.

Next on the list, Sasha Bruce House. We pulled up near the Sasha Bruce House, and went to speak with the director of the Organization. We found the head of the volunteers and spoke with him about what they do. After taking a tour around the facility and doing a short speech we talked to people individually. We talked to many volunteers and staff about homelessness and how to combat the problem of homelessness. The News crew was there to do their interview, so we did our interviews and talked about the stories that they do. This interview was different from the others, and they asked to see our feet and blisters, so we showed them. After all of that was over we said our goodbyes and headed out of the city to start our journey home.*

*In a car not on foot, not enough time.

Thank you,

David Ashby

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last Night-June 15th

Well, this is the last night of walking. About 20 miles to go and we decide to start at midnight. While my mother and god-mother are sleeping, I'm sitting in the back of the MCC (mobile command center) thinking about whats to come. I have three days in Washington D.C. after finishing and then we go home. What do we do when we get there, whats going to happen once we get there, will there be a lot of press? All these questions are constantly popping into my head and I just think to myself, this is the first time for all of us so nobody knows until we get there so lets just be prepared for everything that could possibly happen.

Midnight rolls around a few hours later, I've gotten no sleep, but don't feel a bit tired. We get prepared, getting our feet bandaged and wrapped up, then getting our shoes on. Then we set out more excited then ever because D.C. is just a few hours away. This excitement is quickly lost as we look up at a monstrous hill that seems to never end. We push on, determined to make it to D.C. before 9:00am.

Around about 6:00 in the morning, we peer up at a hill that was the biggest yet, if you were to sit on the hill you would start rolling. This hill was huge, so before we tackle this massive hill, we stop at the bottom and get some water. Then with a slow, but steady pace we climb the hill. We don't last too long. We had to stop about half way up the hill to rest for a minute, but then continued and when we reached the top, we felt happier then when we crossed a state border. Now we have about 6 miles to go before D.C.

The next few miles where some of the most exciting yet, just due to the fact that they are the last. Then after about an hour we see it. The Washington Monument! That feeling right there will always be with me, after weeks of walking and then to see my final destination. Just a great feeling of accomplishment.

9:28am We reach our final destination, The south lawn of the White House. I look at the the White House and sit down, laughing hysterically. We made it, We walked from Orlando to Washington D.C. before school started! The walk is over, but now comes the major awareness.

Over the course of the next 3 days we have to see Congressmen, Senator Mel Martinez and staff of Senator Bill Nelson. Also go to the Covenant House in Washington D.C. and the Sasha Bruce House to visit and speak. And to bring more awareness of homeless youth by getting the press involved. This is going to be a great three days!

David Ashby

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, we have arrived in Richmond. Civilization was a warm welcome as we crossed into Richmond, Virginia. Our destination was about 6 miles past the halfway point of Richmond, so our stay in Richmond wasn't long.

Stopping at St. Joseph's Villa we took a tour and learned about the homeless youth in the Richmond area. According to the last estimate there are 783 homeless youth in just that area. The Villa alone had 21 moms each with one or more children. Here at the Villa there were 43 children, most who where under the age of 3.

We went to talk to some of the kids and two remarkable girls there were extremely happy to talk to us. The two sisters were shy at first, but then started talking about there favorite ice creams to what time they wake up here at the Villa. Each girl, although seemed alike wanted to become two very different things when they started their careers. One wanted to become a Veterinarian, while the other wanted to have her own ice cream shop. They both wanted to bring happiness into others lives, Either though saving someones pet or treating them with ice cream.

The Villa has many programs not only for the residents, but for others coming for help. Several programs where dedicated to help those who need help with learning disabilities or behavioural problems. Please visit their website to learn how to donate and help these very helpful programs at

Next stop D.C.!!! We should be in D.C. by the end of this week. So please visit back to get all the information and updates as soon as we get them.

Thank you for all your support and time reading my posts,

David Ashby

100 miles to go!

At 5:40 am, I have reached the last 100 miles of my journey. I will blog later today about my travels over the past few days.

David Ashby

Friday, August 7, 2009

To Nowhereville And Back Again

On the road again, I'm still walking down the road again. HAHAHAHA

I believe the lack of civilization is having an effect on me. The last several days we have been in the middle of nowhere. The cell phones have been stuck in searching mode, signal, roaming signal or any kind of signal for that matter. Radio has been no good unless country, bluegrass or static. And forget trying to keep steady computer connection. I finally found a place where I can blog to tell you guys whats going on.

We where walking and several groups of unleashed dogs along our path. I guess Nowhereville doesn't have the same leash laws as Orlando and other big cities. Most of the time these dogs run to the end of there property and bark until we pass. We just ignore them most of the time.

One night we were walking along some back road and saw a deer grazing just outside the woods. We stopped to look at it because this is the first time we saw an entire deer on this trip. We usually see the back end of it as it's running away.

Walking through Nowhereville would have to be the creepiest and mom says "dangerous" roads ever. Most are just one lane roads that are usually made from dirt. The fog is so dense and with the woods being so thick it looks like a classic horror movie. Megan and myself were trying to freak my mom out by banging on the windows or telling stories about Axe murderers and zombies appearing in the fog to get us, that had to be the most fun these few nights.

Dexter the Rat (our mascot) is officially 9 1/2 pounds, due to the extra walking he does with me and the few bites of our protein bars he steals along with his own food. He still looks the same though, small and adorable.

We are officially in Virginia, but were disappointed to not find a sign stating so. So we didn't get our much wanted picture, in facts we didn't even know we crossed the border until we found a road on google maps showing we were in Virginia. We will be stopping in Richmond, Virginia and that will be our last stop before D.C.!!

Thank you all for your support,

David Ashby

Does anybody know when Orlando Schools start? And what time High School starts this next year? I still don't know...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Petition to have an audience with President Obama

Please follow this link to petition President Obama, to meet with HelpingStepByStep, to discuss the issue of child homelessness.

We need 2,000 signatures before August 15,2009. Please join us in this effort.

Thank you,
David Ashby

July 31st 2009

I made it to Raleigh North Carolina! Wow, when we think about how are we have walked I realize that the walk is more half way done. This is a list of needs that the The Raleigh Rescue Mission has.

The Raleigh Rescue Mission needs:

Men's shoes (sizes 10-13)

Hair brushes, combs

Spiral notebooks (one subject)

Women’s underwear (sizes 7-10)

Boy’s underwear (sizes 2T & 3T)

Children’s board games (ages 3 & up)

Box fans

Canned beans, greens, fruit

Baked beans


Iced tea bags, lemonade mix



Regular grits

Instant mashed potatoes

Flip flops (men & women)

Men’s underwear (sizes S-L)

Men’s T-shirts (sizes XL-3XL)

Men’s socks (dress & sport)

African American hair gel, conditioners & moisturizers

Bottled water

Laundry dryer sheets

Twin sheet sets

Twin vinyl zippered mattress covers

Baby wipes

Kool Aid & Lemonade Mix

Diapers (size 2 & 3)

Men’s disposable razors

Men’s boxers (size Medium & Large)


Here is the website that they have set up:

It's truly amazing the stories these kids tell. Many are so young though that its very sad. I think that the youngest child there was around the age of 5-9 months old.

One girl didn't want to eat her vegatables, but after we told her that it would make her smarter and stronger then the boys and she liked that idea. So she ate them with no problem. She broght her baby doll to lunch with a bottle so the baby could eat with everyone else.

Another boy, about seven or eight, said his dream was to become a mechanic and he was going to build racecars. He really liked to talk about the racecars and him building them.

A girl around the age of six to seven wanted to become a hairdresser. She love to play with everyone's hair and her true dream was to become a professional hairdresser.

I will update you some more later...

David Ashby

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Special Thanks To The Officers Along The Way

Along the journey we've been stopped by officers who have gotten calls about someone walking down the road with a car following them. Megan came up with an idea around July 12th, every time we got pulled over we would explain what we are doing and ask for their business cards so we could thank them.

Here is a list of the Officers who checked on us to make sure we where okay.

Officers name: Sgt. J Ryan
Station they're with: Port Wentworth Police Department
Time and date they checked: Midnight, 7/12(7/13)

Officers Name: Charles Williams
Station they're with: Jasper County Sheriff's Office
Time and date they checked: 10am, 7/13/09

Officers Name: Cpl. J Dickson
Station they're with: Bluffton Police Department
Time and date they checked: Forgot to write time and date

Officers Name: L/Cpl S A Wooten
Station they're with: S.C. Department of Public Safety
Time and date they checked: 11am, 7/15/09

Officers Name: M Coaxum
Station they're with: Mount Pleasant Police
Time and date they checked: 8:15pm, 7/18/09

Officers Name: Deputy Sheriff Fischer
Station they're with: Charleston County Sheriff's Office
Time and date they checked: 11:35pm, 7/19/09

Officers Name: Deputy Sheriff R Heleman
Station they're with: Charleston County Sheriff's Office
Time and date they checked: 11:35pm, 7/19/09

This man wasn't a officer, but firefighter/paramedic
Name: David Elliott
Station they're with: Horry County Fire Rescue
Time and date they checked: 1:04am, 7/20/09
*He wrote a book on being a paramedic/firefighter

Officers Name: Blake Klauder
Station they're with: Horry County Police Department
Time and date they checked: 12:40am, 7/25/09

Officers Name: PFC F Rash
Station they're with: Horry County Police Department
Time and date they checked: 8:15pm, 7/25/09

Also, to April on Old Reeves Rd, I would like to give a special shout out to you!!! She stopped to see if we were ok and when we told her what we were doing she asked all kinds of questions and helped with some directions in the area we were headed into. (This is when Officer Rash stopped to check on us, while we where talking to her). While stopped, talking to both April and officer Rash, the officer busted a person for speeding down the road. He yelled "45!" and the car pulled over without hesitation. It was so cool to see law enforcement in action.

Officers Name: Sgt T. Coleman
Station they're with: NC Highway Patrol
Time and date they checked: 9pmISH, 7/29/09

This is just after a few days, there will be more to come!

Thank you to everyone who has stopped to make sure were okay. *This is just a short list of the officers/people we have gotten the names of. There have been countless citizens who have stopped to check on us as well, but we never got their names. A special THANKS to all of you as well.

David Ashby

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Positive Story

This story was on the front page of the Orlando Sentanal today and I wanted to let you all know about it. This is more youth making a positive impact on the homeless situation in our country.,0,3236775.story

Please visit this link and learn about what others are going to help the homeless situation in our country.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28th 2009

So its around 7:30pm and I'm getting ready to start walking for the night. I get ready, put my shoes on, get my hat, and find my C.R. wristband. As I open the van door to step outside and continue the journey, The skies open up and Tropical Storm force winds knock me over.

I just wanted to let you all know that these storms that have lighting every 30 seconds or so and winds that push people over is just one thing the average homeless child must deal with. They must find shelter as soon as possible and hope that they don't get kick out of where there at. Because as you know (if you read my Myrtle Beach blog) the criminalization of homelessness is something that these kids have to deal with as well. So if a storm opens up on them and they go somewhere public they could get into trouble.

These are just some things that I've found out during this trip. A homeless child has to deal with these problems that we just think 'I'll just go inside'. But here is the sad fact, They have nowhere to go.

David Ashby

Here its 8:11 pm and lightning just hit maybe 200 ft and the force shook the MCC. Then a Blue and Green and Neon White light flashed for about 20 seconds.

8:12 pm and lightning Again just hit about 500 ft away. This is so cool, but yet so very scary.

You know what I don't know what I would do if I was a homeless child in the woods right now. This is just horrific and I'm in a vehicle. Just imagine being 11 years old and having lighting hit only 300 ft away from your camp area. Your wet, your cold and your scared. This is (like I said earlier) just one problem these children face everyday.

Monday, July 27, 2009

July 26th 2009

North Carolina is so close...

WAIT!! I'm in North Carolina!!!

Yes, It's true I crossed the North Carolina border today with my Mother, Megan, and Dexter the Rat (the official mascot, He is a mini rat terrier around 9 pounds (he was 8 pounds, but increased protein diet and much walking he has gained a whole pound!!!)

We crossed to North Carolina sometime this morning, and we are all still in high spirits. D.C. seems so close and I'm loving this entire journey. The people I'm meeting, the things that I get to see and the Sunsets I witness are some of the most beautiful I think anyone has ever seen. I also have discovered things that people would just drive by, such as an abandoned house that was overgrown with plant life and the foundation had fallen through, but it shows just how powerful mother nature can be.

Or the rivers and streams that most cars would fly past I have seen up close. Some are the most gorgeous bodies of water ever, and the wild life around these rivers make them so gorgeous.

That just about everything I wanted to inform you guys about. I'm making progress and will be in D.C. in not time. (by car... by walking I would say about 2-3 weeks)

Thank you all for your constant support and kind words. Please be sure to comment about the blog here. I would love to hear what you guys think.

David Ashby

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 24th 2009

I will start walking later on tonight after C.R., C.R. stands for Celebrate Recovery, which is for people who have been addicted to something and came through with the help of their faith.

As we were leaving the shelter to go to C.R. I met a man named Doug who is bicycling from Naples, Florida to Caribou, Maine to prove to himself that he can. Very cool guy, who taught us several skills, such as if you go to a small town Sheriff's Dept. they will point you in the direction of a safe place to sleep for the night.

I was invited by several people to join them at C.R. because they wanted me to speak and tell my story. So I did, and received a Standing Ovation. Shortly after we said our good byes and continued on the road once more.

I would like to give a shout out to the people I met here...

Simon-You were a great guy to meet and talk to, Very talented and strong. You have left a mark on me and also this journey, I hope to see you again after I finish the Walk.

Jason-Loved talking to you about may things from Disturbed to Politics, I can't wait to speak to you once more.

Diane-I enjoyed talking to you about many things from personal life problems to your relationship with your son, I'm glad that I got to meet such an inspirational person during this trip.

Libby and Pete-You two are the funniest people who work together I've ever seen. I thank you for your support for this Cause.

Everyone Else-I really appreciate you guys for bringing me in and sharing your stories with me.

Now For The Random Side Notes...

*When digging in Myrtle Beach's sands be sure to wear gloves or protective gear, because the sand has many shell fragments.

*Myrtle Beach has many beautiful shells and many shark teeth.

*People in Myrtle Beach love to shout profane words or comments at people walking on the side walks.

*The City of Myrtle Beach has outlawed sleeping in your own car, or even standing in a doorway for too long, This is evidence of the Criminalization of Homelessness.

*High tide in Myrtle Beach is treacherous, unless raised in a state that has ocean on 75% of it's State lines.

David Ashby

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 23rd 2009

Today I would like to dedicate to someone who has done much to help with the walk...

My Grandmother,

You have been supportive from the very beginning and always wanted to help in anyway possible. I dedicate July 23rd 2009 to my Grandmother because she is an amazing woman who has not only helped with this Walk, but also in my family's personal life.

For This I Commend You Debbie Shard,

David Ashby

Now to talk about the day... I made it to my destination right on schedule and took a tour of the facilities. Learning that there President of the Board of Directors was a man who went through the Disciples Program (this is a program that after you qualify you get to stay for 6 months to save up your money, but must attend classes and Bible study).

After a short speech about what I am doing and a few questions (some were how long it has taken me so far to what about on a state level when the state gets the funding, but doesn't put the money where it belongs) I went to the Prayer area to see how religion helps people. Its seems like people turn to there religion to help them through tough times. Disciple David stated "I went through some tough times with being addicted to Heroin, but I found God and he saved me" It really shows how people can change there ways. In 6 months Disciple David quit all drugs and alcohol and was all about making sure that he pleased his Lord.

During Prayer time they started to sing different songs, and just sitting in the back and listening to these people sing there sorrows away was just amazing. During Amazing Grace they all started to stand up and they were just so thankful for what they had. Afterwards Disciple David and myself sat down and talked about his old life which wasn't so pretty, but he really had made a transformation.

And that's just one Disciple that had made a huge difference within themselves, Every single one of them had.

You would never think that people need socks so much, but the past four centers i've visted where in desperate need of...

Adult Socks

So if you have a few dollars or pairs please go to your nearest shelter and donate them. People run through socks like you wouldn't believe.

Well, I will be back on the road again shortly.

Thank you all for supporting me and this Cause.

David Ashby

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 20th 2009

July 20th 2009 is...

Michael Daugherty Day!!!

Mr. D, You have given me the advise and help needed to make this walk possible. You created my website which has given HelpingStepByStep a convenient way to be contacted with and let people understand what we are doing. Without your help this walk would not be where its at. Thank you for a fun and challenging year at Lee middle, and I'm honored to have been in your class room.

Thank you Mr. D for all that you have done for me, and for this Walk.

Still walking to my next destination, but boy was today fun... NOT!!! While walking at night I never expected to run into swarms of mosquitoes. Thank you lord, for bug spray. No joke these monstrous creatures were three times the size of an average Florida mosquito. I should be at my destination in a few days and ill be telling you guys as much as possible when I do finally get there.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 17th 2009

June 17th is officially...

Doris Keeler Day!

Mrs. Keeler you have not only been there for me throughout this Walk, but also during my time in your class. Even though I may have gotten lazy at times you've helped me better myself. For that I am truly thankful and honored to say that you were my teacher.

Sorry about the absents of my posts. These last few days have been very exhausting. I entered my first destination in South Carolina which was Charleston. I stopped at the shelter here and was able to tour the facilities, but wasn't able to stay due to the renovations they were doing to the Families Facility.

I am starting to really feel the pain that a homeless child would go through to get to a safe place to sleep. After getting to Savannah, Georgia and not being able to stay and then having to walk 100+ miles to the next shelter in Charleston, South Carolina. It was a long and hard journey between those two cities.

Here is the list of things the Shelter in Charleston, South Carolina needs...

Urgently Needed Items:

1) Sunscreen and Bug Spray
2) Powdered Sport Drink Mix
3) Coffee
4) Razors
5) Shower Shoes (men and women sizes)
6) Cleaning Supplies
7) Lysol
8) Liquid Dish Soap and Laundry Detergent
9) Deodorant
10) Paper Towels and Napkins
11) Packaged Men's and Women's Underwear
12) White Wash Clothes and Towels
13) Feminine Products
14) Band-aids
15) Hand Sanitizer
16) Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap

Supplies That We Always Need:

1) Paper Products (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, facial tissues)
2) Plastic Plates, Forks, Knives and Spoons
3) Deodorant and Lotion
4) Disposable Razors and Shaving Cream
5) Aluminum Foil
6) Adult Diapers
7) Feminine Hygiene Products
8) Cleaning Supplies and Liquid Laundry Detergent
9) Packaged Standard Size Pillows
10) New, Packaged Socks and Underwear for Women, Children and Men-all sizes
11) Band-aids, Neosporin, Caladryl, ACE Bandages

These are the supplies are needed at the Crisis Ministries; this shelter helps men, women and children who are in need. They also house up to 80 men and currently house up to 40 women and children any night. When the renovations are complete they will shelter many more women and children. They also feed many more people that don’t have any shelter at all. Out of the 3000 homeless in the area near the shelter they provide 1700 of them with services and help.

*If you would like to Donate to this shelter send here*
573 meeting street Charleston, SC 29403
P.O. Box 20038

In-Kind donations are always needed. For large contributions, Please call 843-723-9477 ext. 124 to ensure storage space is available and arrange a time for delivery.

We have left Charleston and are still moving north towards Washington D.C. and should be there around the August 20th mark. I can't wait to get to the next shelter to meet these children. Ill give you all an update on which children make the biggest impact on me as soon as possible.

Thank you all for being supportive and helpful through this journey, you may not know it but you too have made a difference to help the homeless youth in the United States.

I would like to end this Post with a poem that 15 year old Tim Hogg wrote for me...

You are the captain of your

Master of your

While you walk your

Others will remain the

David Ashby

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 13th 2009

July 13th,

Still on the road and still between stops so there is not much to update everyone on. We are still walking by night and the wildlife seems to come out of hiding. I was walking and around 2:00am and 17 miles there was a quick rustling sound and I stopped (the MCC stopped as well) dead in my tracks. We looked around, using the headlights as our source of light, and didn't see anything. Great, because a wild animal is used to lack of light and when you can't see them they could do some damage. We pressed forward anyways, and after about another mile we saw a figure that a looked a bear sitting on the side of the road near a few trees. We stopped again and turned the brights on. The figure rose and turned and ran. We noticed it was a deer just before it jumped almost 15ft over a bunch of bushes. My pace quickly sped up because we wanted to find more deer. Not long after we saw another deer just as it was walking away from the road and into the woods.

That would be the most exciting thing about today, everything else would be just walking. Ill be posting another day shortly.

David Ashby

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 12th 2009

We were supposed to stop at a shelter in Savannah, Georgia tonight, but something fell through and we were unable to stay there so we continued on our journey. Unfortunately, when the shelters are at capacity, if your not already checked in, then you are left out. Being left out means no bed, no shower, and no food for that night. You would never realize how much a shower means until you've gone about a week with out one.

At about midnight, around a half mile to crossing the boarder, Sgt. J. Ryan of the Port Wentworth Police Department pulled up behind us to make sure everything was okay. He stated that he got a report that a man with a towel on his head looked to be in serious pain. I quickly explained to the officer that it was me and the reason the towel was on my face was because I could no longer stand the stench of the paper plant nearby which smelled like sulfur, rotten eggs and dead animal. He replied with a "Welcome to northern Georgia." We talked for about an hour while I rested my feet, discussed everything from my mission to all the mesmerizing lights on his cruiser. I questioned if the lights were standard, and he replied "No, I added them bit by bit over the years" and when the boss man noticed the additions he simply replied "I don't know they just showed up."

When break time was over he escorted us to the state line with every light on his car shining and wished us the best of luck. Thanks Sgt. J. Ryan!!!

As we crossed the state line (Dexter the Mini Rat crossed the line with me) Megan and I stood in both states and enjoyed a celebratory Yoo-Hoo, which then made me feel sick. We pushed on anyways.

Other then that we just walked and walked and walked and wait... yeah, walked some more. That was just about all that happened this day.

David Ashby

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day Fifteen

Waking up at 5:30am and walking by 6:00am is a great way to start your day. After about 6 miles I back-tracked to Brunswick to spend time with some friends I made at a shelter there, and participated in a community basketball tournament. While there they had a brief ceremony during which I was presented with A Key to the City of Brunswick.

Shortly after I said my farewells to everyone there and headed north towards my next destination.

I made it to Savanna right on time and now washing some clothes to get to the next shelter in South Carolina

Friday, July 10, 2009

Important Information: Must Read!!!

Hello everyone. Today I have to address something serious with you. There are many people & organizations out there that are doing a lot to help me out and support my cause, but there are also some people out there who I simply like to call haters. These are the people who have said from the start that I could do it, that I’d never make it and have even said they would throw boulders at me if they saw me walking down the road. HATERS. I have ignored these comments because I don’t care to get into arguments with anyone, but lately there have been many post and comments made referring to my mother and her intentions and my father.

I am the one who came up with this idea, I am the one who is pushing my self, setting my own pace and I am doing it because it is what I feel motivated to do. This is a publicity stunt, to raise awareness for the 1.5 million homeless children in the U.S., not some lame stunt thought up by my mother to gain publicity for herself, get real people. Yes, she is with my sister right now, my sister is recovering from her accident and needs my mother more then I do right now. At no point in this journey and I alone, I have an approved and authorized guardian with me at all times.

My mother, myself and other guardians had been meeting with dietitians, personal trainers, and nutritionists for months before I started this walk making sure we knew what my body was going to need to not only survive, but stay healthy. I am not eating out of trash cans! I am getting food from the shelters I stay at and I have plenty of supplies loaded up in moms van (the mobile command center). I have all the water and Gatorade I can stomach and have a better diet then most people in general. I have a complete medical supply kit in my MCC complete with a blood pressure cuff & thermometer to monitor my health as well as any and all medications I may need, 20 different types of Band-Aids, another 20 weird creams, ointments and lotions, gauze, tape, liquid Band-Aid, alcohol wipes, baby wipes to stay fresh, everything I may need. I also have several checkpoints along the way where I will have complete check-ups done to make sure we still have the right balance of things. To those people who are truly concerned, thank you, but I am well taken care of. Those of you just looking for something to pick on, find something positive to do.

Now as far as the comments about my father…The court system in Orange County Florida has deemed him an unfit parent and the court removed his rights and responsibilities. He is only allowed supervised visitation. Many of his friends and I hate to say some of my relatives are behind these attack and I am ashamed of them. If anything they should be the ones building me up, helping me stay motivated, showing their love and support, not taking this as an opportunity to attack me and my mother.

I hope this helps clear up a lot of confusion for everyone and I’m sorry that I have to release a statement like this, it really does take a lot away from the good I’m trying to do. Please continue to share your positive thoughts and comments at anytime, to those of you pessimist, you can just keep your negativity to yourselves.

David Ashby

Technical Problems

Today is Day 14, but I wanted to give all of you a update. I crossed the Florida-Georgia border on July 6th at 10:28pm were I then stopped for the night.

I will complete the past posts and publish them as soon as possible.

David Ashby

Friday, July 3, 2009

Day Seven

All right, I woke up at around 12:3oam today. It was nice and cool and that's why I wanted to walk then. I had just rained so it was a bit humid, but it was around 70 degrees so it was nice. We walked for about two hours when we heard a splash in the creek on the side of the road. Megan and I looked at each other and sped up our speed of walking. Then something ran into the middle of the road (we think it was a deer because it had reflective eyes). We continued on and the thing in the water continued to follow us. After the thing followed us for a few minutes it stopped and we continued walking unharmed, but very paranoid.

The next few blog posts will be a bit undetailed, due to the fact that we had some technical problems.

Thank you for your support,

David Ashby

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day Six

Well sense the City of Orlando dedicated June 15th as David Ashby day I wanted to give the people who have helped in great ways there own day because this walk wouldn't have done so well without them. So today, July 2nd is going to be...

July 2nd is Alison Ashby day because she has been there to help get the word out and doing the technical work in this Walk.

My Motivation for today: Raven is my motivation today because she has left a mark on me and seems to have dreams which is what this is all about, letting them have there hope and dreams.

I will add more to this blog later today, it's getting hot and I have to continue walking.

Okay so after the heat I continued to walk until around sevenish. The heat was just unbearable, and the heat index was up around 110 degrees. I, then slept until 12:30am July 7th.

David Ashby

Day Five

Okay well today I had to do 28 miles before 6:30pm and that is a bit difficult. So I woke up at 5:00am which gave me around 6 hours to sleep then I was on the road again. Walking up to St. Augustine in about 12 and 1/2 hours and setting a personal record. I walked the farthest yet in the least amount of time and hit a record speed of 4mph and kept up that speed for an hours straight.

St. Augustine is a gorgeous city and a great place to be. When I got to the Coalition here, people were waiting and cheering for me. I spent some time with the people here and one child named Raven talked with me for close to an hour. Now I've got to walk to Jacksonville in the next two days. Thats 33 miles, but I wanted to brack it up into two days because 33 miles would do some damage. I'll blog later tomarrow.

David Ashby

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Four

I apologize to everyone for not posting last night. I was walking for several hours. I started at the Star Center in Daytona at about 9:30am. The main reason I didn't blog yesterday was that I walked until 11:15pm and was to exhausted to even stay awake. So I am very sorry but, today at 10:12am I hit 100 miles.

I will have more information on the next blog because today was only half of my goal.

David Ashby


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day Three

I would never think that walking 28 miles would be so hard, but I soon realized that it is much harder then it sounds.

Volusia County Councilman, Andy Kelly wanted to walk today. He walked just about all of the journey today, Which was really harsh. Cars driving stirred up rocks off the road and launched them towards us, rain and lighting ran across the sky. I made it to the Star Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. Pain was something i expected, but not as bad as it was. I now know that I need to drink more water, because dehydration is a hard thing to deal with.

The Star Center here needs some supplies such as:

Baby Wipes
Laundry Soap

I will update this as I find out exactly what they need.

I will have to walk 53.1 miles in the next two days to St. Augustine.

David Ashby

Monday, June 22, 2009

Still on hold

Okay i know many of you are wondering about my sister. As of right now I cannot tell you anything due to her want for privacy. She is still in the hospital and is recovering faster then we thought. When I have permission to release it to the public I will.

When i continue, I will have to walk about 25-35 miles a day instead of the 21 we thought. I will have to catch up to were I'm supposed to be. Also my mother may be staying here in Virginia with my sister, so I will have someone else follow me instead. I as of right now have nothing else to report to you. I will continue to blog, more on the Walk then now.

Thank you all who are following my journey and who are concerned about my family,

David Ashby

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day Two

When you wake up in a shelter it's a very weird feeling of being lost. After a quick meal at the shelter consisting of rice and chicken I left to continue the journey. 17.9 miles was harder then I thought. No side walks down 17/92 in the searing heat is no fun. Semi trucks flying less then ten feet away is a bit nerve racking.

The heat forced me to drink over 25 water bottles and loads of Gatorade. The grass slows you down more then you would think. Day two was rough, but was worth it.

When I reached DeLand, Florida I was greeted by many people who were very supportive. I met with the pastors and county council member. I was followed until I reached the Church I would be staying at. After a meal there and much conversing everyone left to let me sleep.
That would not happen...

We got a call that my sister was in a bike accident and might have to have surgery on/near her brain. Family comes first so we all load up and left an hour later. I left a note stating "I will be back". I will continue this trip in a few days when my sister's conditions stable.

Anyone who is wondering where I am, I'm in Charlottesville Virginia. I promise that I will continue this journey to D.C.

Thank you for everything

David Ashby

Monday, June 15, 2009

Day One

Well after 9 hours of walking I finally reached my destination at the Rescue Outreach Mission in Sanford, Florida. My feet were swelling, I was tired, I was hungry. This by far was the hardest trek.

I started at the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida in downtown Orlando. Many people showed up such as Mrs. Keeler, Coach Monte, Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs Chechmen and Mrs. Detiz. (I am very sorry for any miss spelled words.) After several speeches I was finally ready to go. Being followed by many reporters I made my way to Sanford, Florida. Coach Monte met me about 8 miles or so away from the Outreach. Its amazing how much walking and how hard it is that has to be done.

The Rescue Outreach Mission has a list of things that they need.

The Rescue Outreach Mission needs the following items:

The Rescue Outreach Mission
1625 W.13th Street
Sanford Florida
(407) 321-8224

1) Hygiene Items:
-Tooth Paste
-Mouth Wash
-Tooth Brushes

2) Personal Items
-Sanitary Pads/Tampons
-Diapers/all sizes
-Diapers rash medicine
-Baby oil/Lotion/Wash

3) Laundry
-Soap Powder
-Dish Detergent

4) Paper Products
-Toilette Paper
-Paper Towels
-Plastic Forks/spoons/knives
-Foam Plates

5) Medicines
-Cough Syrups Adult/Children
-Aspirin Adult/Children

I will be blogging Everyday about the day.
Im going to go and rest...
Be thankful for the things you get
and be sure to read each day

David Ashby

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Starts Tomarrow

Well I have less then 12 hours left before i start and my nerves are calming down. Everything is packed and ready to go.

But before I start I want to thank everyone who has helped in anyway.

Mrs. Keeler, I want to thank you so much for your support because without you, would be a huge morale loss.

Mr. D, I thank you for making a place for people to contact me easier and where they can learn about what I'm doing.

All my other teachers, I thank you for listening about the trip.

My mother, Thank you for everything from support to work done to make this trip possible. even though we had our down times we pulled together and now it's time to do this.

My Grandmother, For support, financially and mentally. You have helped me keep going even when people ridiculed me about my idea and you toughed it out with us.

My friends, Although some made fun, I thank each and every one of you. Because without you this would be boring. Making fun of my hair (with or without it) was fun and Others gave support and ideas. I will see you all soon.

My Sponsors, Without you this trip would not be possible. Shoes, Money and much more would be a problem, but thanks to your kindness we can complete this Trip.

Megan VanRiper, For helping build and take care of the pets, siblings, and house while we are gone.

Whitney Taylor, For help build and take care of the pets and house while Megan is gone and when she is there.

Thank you homeless children, For inspiring all of us to be better people and teaching us the lesson of helping others because you are the future that has been thrown off course.

Anybody that I missed I apologize, But rest assured that everyone who has helped in anyway has made this trip possible. even the smallest about of help is worth the world to me. Thank you for your time and effort to make this possible.

I have until tomorrow before I become a Homeless child for the summer.

Thank you all for what you have done,

David Ashby

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Two Days To Go!

Well after all this time of getting ready for this trip, I'm only two days away. Eleven-Hundred miles never seemed so far until now. I have less then 48 hours before my 57 day journey. Many things are going through my mind that make me want to stop, but then i realize that this Walk isn't about me it's about helping others.

Wow... I have less then 48 hours before this trip and like I predicted I'm starting to get a bit nervous, but I have to go through with this. I dont even know what I'm nervous about. I think it's the fact that I will be throwing myself into the unknown.

I will be blogging on the Trip which starts June 15, 2009 and I will blog tomarrow. Hope to see some of you at the leave. I will be starting at the Coalition in Downtown Orlando.

David Ashby

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just Wakin up!

Today, I am finishing up replying to all the emails I have received these past few days. I will be on Fox 35 in the morning on their morning show this Monday. Check it out. Haven't yet done a live television report yet, but feel most certain that it won't be my last.

I have my cousin in town, that I haven't seen in so long, so after I finish that we are gonna hang out for the day.

Will check bac later with and let you know how my day is going and share some of the wonderful news we have pouring in, until then...

David Ashby