Friday, July 10, 2009

Important Information: Must Read!!!

Hello everyone. Today I have to address something serious with you. There are many people & organizations out there that are doing a lot to help me out and support my cause, but there are also some people out there who I simply like to call haters. These are the people who have said from the start that I could do it, that I’d never make it and have even said they would throw boulders at me if they saw me walking down the road. HATERS. I have ignored these comments because I don’t care to get into arguments with anyone, but lately there have been many post and comments made referring to my mother and her intentions and my father.

I am the one who came up with this idea, I am the one who is pushing my self, setting my own pace and I am doing it because it is what I feel motivated to do. This is a publicity stunt, to raise awareness for the 1.5 million homeless children in the U.S., not some lame stunt thought up by my mother to gain publicity for herself, get real people. Yes, she is with my sister right now, my sister is recovering from her accident and needs my mother more then I do right now. At no point in this journey and I alone, I have an approved and authorized guardian with me at all times.

My mother, myself and other guardians had been meeting with dietitians, personal trainers, and nutritionists for months before I started this walk making sure we knew what my body was going to need to not only survive, but stay healthy. I am not eating out of trash cans! I am getting food from the shelters I stay at and I have plenty of supplies loaded up in moms van (the mobile command center). I have all the water and Gatorade I can stomach and have a better diet then most people in general. I have a complete medical supply kit in my MCC complete with a blood pressure cuff & thermometer to monitor my health as well as any and all medications I may need, 20 different types of Band-Aids, another 20 weird creams, ointments and lotions, gauze, tape, liquid Band-Aid, alcohol wipes, baby wipes to stay fresh, everything I may need. I also have several checkpoints along the way where I will have complete check-ups done to make sure we still have the right balance of things. To those people who are truly concerned, thank you, but I am well taken care of. Those of you just looking for something to pick on, find something positive to do.

Now as far as the comments about my father…The court system in Orange County Florida has deemed him an unfit parent and the court removed his rights and responsibilities. He is only allowed supervised visitation. Many of his friends and I hate to say some of my relatives are behind these attack and I am ashamed of them. If anything they should be the ones building me up, helping me stay motivated, showing their love and support, not taking this as an opportunity to attack me and my mother.

I hope this helps clear up a lot of confusion for everyone and I’m sorry that I have to release a statement like this, it really does take a lot away from the good I’m trying to do. Please continue to share your positive thoughts and comments at anytime, to those of you pessimist, you can just keep your negativity to yourselves.

David Ashby


  1. David, I am sooooo proud of you! I am blessed that you are my grandson. I am sorry that there are haters in this world...and that some are related to you. Don't let them get you down. You have risen above all their nonsense...and you continue to amaze me.


  2. David,

    I have shoes to send you. Let me know an address to send them to in your care so that they will be at thaqt shelter when you arrive.
    So sorry that some people are giving you and your mother a hard time. Keep up the good work. There are more of us that believe you are doing a great thing for a good cause then those that think otherwise.