Friday, August 7, 2009

To Nowhereville And Back Again

On the road again, I'm still walking down the road again. HAHAHAHA

I believe the lack of civilization is having an effect on me. The last several days we have been in the middle of nowhere. The cell phones have been stuck in searching mode, signal, roaming signal or any kind of signal for that matter. Radio has been no good unless country, bluegrass or static. And forget trying to keep steady computer connection. I finally found a place where I can blog to tell you guys whats going on.

We where walking and several groups of unleashed dogs along our path. I guess Nowhereville doesn't have the same leash laws as Orlando and other big cities. Most of the time these dogs run to the end of there property and bark until we pass. We just ignore them most of the time.

One night we were walking along some back road and saw a deer grazing just outside the woods. We stopped to look at it because this is the first time we saw an entire deer on this trip. We usually see the back end of it as it's running away.

Walking through Nowhereville would have to be the creepiest and mom says "dangerous" roads ever. Most are just one lane roads that are usually made from dirt. The fog is so dense and with the woods being so thick it looks like a classic horror movie. Megan and myself were trying to freak my mom out by banging on the windows or telling stories about Axe murderers and zombies appearing in the fog to get us, that had to be the most fun these few nights.

Dexter the Rat (our mascot) is officially 9 1/2 pounds, due to the extra walking he does with me and the few bites of our protein bars he steals along with his own food. He still looks the same though, small and adorable.

We are officially in Virginia, but were disappointed to not find a sign stating so. So we didn't get our much wanted picture, in facts we didn't even know we crossed the border until we found a road on google maps showing we were in Virginia. We will be stopping in Richmond, Virginia and that will be our last stop before D.C.!!

Thank you all for your support,

David Ashby

Does anybody know when Orlando Schools start? And what time High School starts this next year? I still don't know...


  1. David,
    Here are some words of encouragement from residents at the Covenant House in Florida. They are so impressed with your journey.
    "Thank you for all your doing to raise awareness about homeless youth...You are changing the world at 14 years old."
    "Keep up the good work. Just keep being a strong person and stay lifted."
    August 23 First Day of School and School will begin at 7:20 and end at 2:10 for the 2009-2010 school year.

  2. Hi David. Its Liz. I'm glad you are doing good. I was worried there for a little when you hadn't written. To answer your question school starts on Aug 24 for high school they start at 7am and end at 2pm. There is still no school bus routes but we will find out on the Aug 20 when the perm. school bus stops will be posted. Just keep your mind on what you are doing and don't worry about things over here in Orlando. May god bless you and i still have you in my prayers.

  3. Hey buddy - been thinkin' about ya!! I see you got your question answered ... keep up the good work! Mr. Wilkinson

  4. Hey David,
    It's great to hear that you are in Virginia already and that the goal is finally in sight! You have certainly been an inspiration to a lot of people. Have been trying to print articles about your journey from papers along your route. Keep up the good work! We want to see a picture in front of the White House!