Saturday, August 1, 2009

July 31st 2009

I made it to Raleigh North Carolina! Wow, when we think about how are we have walked I realize that the walk is more half way done. This is a list of needs that the The Raleigh Rescue Mission has.

The Raleigh Rescue Mission needs:

Men's shoes (sizes 10-13)

Hair brushes, combs

Spiral notebooks (one subject)

Women’s underwear (sizes 7-10)

Boy’s underwear (sizes 2T & 3T)

Children’s board games (ages 3 & up)

Box fans

Canned beans, greens, fruit

Baked beans


Iced tea bags, lemonade mix



Regular grits

Instant mashed potatoes

Flip flops (men & women)

Men’s underwear (sizes S-L)

Men’s T-shirts (sizes XL-3XL)

Men’s socks (dress & sport)

African American hair gel, conditioners & moisturizers

Bottled water

Laundry dryer sheets

Twin sheet sets

Twin vinyl zippered mattress covers

Baby wipes

Kool Aid & Lemonade Mix

Diapers (size 2 & 3)

Men’s disposable razors

Men’s boxers (size Medium & Large)


Here is the website that they have set up:

It's truly amazing the stories these kids tell. Many are so young though that its very sad. I think that the youngest child there was around the age of 5-9 months old.

One girl didn't want to eat her vegatables, but after we told her that it would make her smarter and stronger then the boys and she liked that idea. So she ate them with no problem. She broght her baby doll to lunch with a bottle so the baby could eat with everyone else.

Another boy, about seven or eight, said his dream was to become a mechanic and he was going to build racecars. He really liked to talk about the racecars and him building them.

A girl around the age of six to seven wanted to become a hairdresser. She love to play with everyone's hair and her true dream was to become a professional hairdresser.

I will update you some more later...

David Ashby

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