Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, we have arrived in Richmond. Civilization was a warm welcome as we crossed into Richmond, Virginia. Our destination was about 6 miles past the halfway point of Richmond, so our stay in Richmond wasn't long.

Stopping at St. Joseph's Villa we took a tour and learned about the homeless youth in the Richmond area. According to the last estimate there are 783 homeless youth in just that area. The Villa alone had 21 moms each with one or more children. Here at the Villa there were 43 children, most who where under the age of 3.

We went to talk to some of the kids and two remarkable girls there were extremely happy to talk to us. The two sisters were shy at first, but then started talking about there favorite ice creams to what time they wake up here at the Villa. Each girl, although seemed alike wanted to become two very different things when they started their careers. One wanted to become a Veterinarian, while the other wanted to have her own ice cream shop. They both wanted to bring happiness into others lives, Either though saving someones pet or treating them with ice cream.

The Villa has many programs not only for the residents, but for others coming for help. Several programs where dedicated to help those who need help with learning disabilities or behavioural problems. Please visit their website to learn how to donate and help these very helpful programs at http://www.neverstopbelieving.org

Next stop D.C.!!! We should be in D.C. by the end of this week. So please visit back to get all the information and updates as soon as we get them.

Thank you for all your support and time reading my posts,

David Ashby


  1. Just checking in again! It's great to see you are able to talk to some of the children who are experiencing homelessness. Can't wait to hear all about your travels when you return to Orlando.

  2. Keep up the good work - you're almost there!

    The experience you are gaining will be life changing. Sure beats hours of video games.

    Thanks for being "different" and powering through everyone's judgements. It will be fun to hear your stories afterwards.

  3. Hi David,

    Thank you so much what you are doing. I am truly touched by your journey. I used to work at a homeless shelter for youths 18-21 years old and now I work in the school system. I see everyday how much youth homelessness affects our world. Thank you for being so brave at such a young age and so generous. What you are doing is touching thousands of lives and will not be forgotten!!!

    Keeping you in my prayers for a safe journey home. I hope you'll write a book about your experience someday. This is something to share with the world. Thank you for carrying the message of help to others.


    Martine Bilodeau