Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day Two

When you wake up in a shelter it's a very weird feeling of being lost. After a quick meal at the shelter consisting of rice and chicken I left to continue the journey. 17.9 miles was harder then I thought. No side walks down 17/92 in the searing heat is no fun. Semi trucks flying less then ten feet away is a bit nerve racking.

The heat forced me to drink over 25 water bottles and loads of Gatorade. The grass slows you down more then you would think. Day two was rough, but was worth it.

When I reached DeLand, Florida I was greeted by many people who were very supportive. I met with the pastors and county council member. I was followed until I reached the Church I would be staying at. After a meal there and much conversing everyone left to let me sleep.
That would not happen...

We got a call that my sister was in a bike accident and might have to have surgery on/near her brain. Family comes first so we all load up and left an hour later. I left a note stating "I will be back". I will continue this trip in a few days when my sister's conditions stable.

Anyone who is wondering where I am, I'm in Charlottesville Virginia. I promise that I will continue this journey to D.C.

Thank you for everything

David Ashby


  1. David, We are praying for your sister. Let me know when you get back. Coach Mante

  2. David,
    Heard about your sister and our prayers are with her and the rest of your family. Please keep us posted about her condition and when you plan to resume your walk. I'm very proud of your commitment - to this walk and to your family! Mrs. Keeler

  3. Please let everyone know how shw is doing? you are the talk of the town!!!! Keep going!! melissa

  4. David,
    Please know I am praying for your sister. I just got to meet her on Monday, but she's delightful and thinks the world of you. I'm sure they'll take good care of her at the hospital there in Charlottesville. As for you, you're an amazing young man and I know you will do great things...

  5. Wish your sister gets well, keep strong David...
    Makes one think of the many runaways and lost children who have to spend every waking day wondering how their family is or how they miss a soft bed to sleep in. Being young, living off the streets and having to adapt to life owning nothing is a lot for young people. May what your doing start a continuous effort to take care of the helpless young ones who have no other life than on the streets.Wish you all well.

  6. Hi David,

    The staff and residents at The Rescue Outreach Mission in Sanford is praying for your sister. Sincerely, Mr. Hamilton

  7. Thank you all for your constant support even during the downtimes.

    David Ashby

  8. Hello David.I came across your unique story looking for the return date for Orlando HS.My great nephew is coming to DC for summer vacation.You are a very REMARKABLE YOUNG MAN.THANK YOU FOR HAVING A HEART the size of this world.I am praying for your sister & your family.She will be fine in the name of JESUS!!!!.YOU KEEP THAT WONDERFUL LIGHT SHINNING YOU HAVE & I hope to see you when you reach DC

  9. Have you thought of putting up a paypal button, so folks could help fund your vision?
    Your life will never be the same after this. You will be freer than the average bloke.
    Think, Fast, and Wait. Master these things, Siddhartha said, and the world is yours.
    May you be free from harm, and may future visions be equally awesome. Peace brother David!
    -David B.

  10. David
    Please let us know how your sister is doing. We are all praying for her!

  11. David,
    I saw your story on the news, and it touched my heart. I am sending a donation in your honor and in support of your selfless mission to the Rescue Outreach Mission in Sanford. We will hold you and your sister and whole family in our prayers. You have already been blessed by God.
    With enormous admiration,
    Rania Kelly, Bradenton FL

  12. David, I've followed your story in the Sentinel, and I wanted to send you a quick note of support. People usually underestimate the importance of young people's work in making the world better, and your effort in this project is an excellent example of can, and does, get done.

    You are providing much needed visibility to the crises of homelessness, and I really like how you end your blog entries with a list of what the shelters you visit need in terms of supplies. You remind us of why you are making this trek in the first place - to get us - Americans - to do something to improve the lives of homeless kids. I also suspect that you are getting an amazing eduction yourself. be sure to share with us all that you learn - about homelessness, about the people who are homeless, and about your own views are transformed by your experience.

    I'm very relieved that your sister's condition is improving, and I admire your ability to return to your walk and face an even more challenging daily mileage goal. I am a college professor, and I'd be glad if all of my students had the motivation, self-discipline and courage that you are displaying.

    My very best wishes. I look forward to reading about your daily experiences.

    Keep your feet dry!
    Rhonda Ovist
    Casselberry, Florida