Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day Three

I would never think that walking 28 miles would be so hard, but I soon realized that it is much harder then it sounds.

Volusia County Councilman, Andy Kelly wanted to walk today. He walked just about all of the journey today, Which was really harsh. Cars driving stirred up rocks off the road and launched them towards us, rain and lighting ran across the sky. I made it to the Star Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. Pain was something i expected, but not as bad as it was. I now know that I need to drink more water, because dehydration is a hard thing to deal with.

The Star Center here needs some supplies such as:

Baby Wipes
Laundry Soap

I will update this as I find out exactly what they need.

I will have to walk 53.1 miles in the next two days to St. Augustine.

David Ashby


  1. David,
    I did not know you had resumed your walk. Please be careful and don't overdo it. Take care of yourself. Keep us posted.

    Mrs. Keeler

  2. Wow... may the Lord bless you and keep you safe .Our prayers are with you.I will pass this awesome story to everyone.

  3. I'll be in Daytona on Thursday and will be ahppy to drop off some supplies to the Star Center!

  4. David,
    Your family is in our thoughts and prayers...glad that you were able to resume...please be careful out there....


  5. We are so glad you are back on your way, David! Please keep us posted as you journey on, and remember why you have taken on this challenge!

  6. David,
    I saw your story on the local news in Jackson, Mississippi (where I live)! You're an amazing kid! Good luck on your journey.......you're doing a great thing bringing attention to something so important......
    God Bless You!!

  7. David,
    I live at the Star center with my 3 kids and my husband. We are very proud of you because you are a child your self and you see past the things most peolpe don't. You are what people call a gift from god to help people here on earth get past the selfishness this world has grow to have to deal with in everyday life. Thank You! The one thing all the people in the shelter need the most is JOBS.With jobs we can all get back on our feet! If you can spred the word to people you meet that we all could use a job we would be very happy! God be with you and never for get your self in your journey.