Monday, June 15, 2009

Day One

Well after 9 hours of walking I finally reached my destination at the Rescue Outreach Mission in Sanford, Florida. My feet were swelling, I was tired, I was hungry. This by far was the hardest trek.

I started at the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida in downtown Orlando. Many people showed up such as Mrs. Keeler, Coach Monte, Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs Chechmen and Mrs. Detiz. (I am very sorry for any miss spelled words.) After several speeches I was finally ready to go. Being followed by many reporters I made my way to Sanford, Florida. Coach Monte met me about 8 miles or so away from the Outreach. Its amazing how much walking and how hard it is that has to be done.

The Rescue Outreach Mission has a list of things that they need.

The Rescue Outreach Mission needs the following items:

The Rescue Outreach Mission
1625 W.13th Street
Sanford Florida
(407) 321-8224

1) Hygiene Items:
-Tooth Paste
-Mouth Wash
-Tooth Brushes

2) Personal Items
-Sanitary Pads/Tampons
-Diapers/all sizes
-Diapers rash medicine
-Baby oil/Lotion/Wash

3) Laundry
-Soap Powder
-Dish Detergent

4) Paper Products
-Toilette Paper
-Paper Towels
-Plastic Forks/spoons/knives
-Foam Plates

5) Medicines
-Cough Syrups Adult/Children
-Aspirin Adult/Children

I will be blogging Everyday about the day.
Im going to go and rest...
Be thankful for the things you get
and be sure to read each day

David Ashby


  1. Hello David,

    This is Mr. Hamilton from the Rescue Outreach in Sanfrod, FL. Mrs. Sylvia, our staff and residents were so inspired by you today. Give us a call if you need encouragement or a prayer. I am praying that God streghthens you as you as take this beautiful journey for homeless kids in America.

    Mr. Hamilton
    Executive Director
    Rescue Outreach Mission of Sanford, Inc.
    (407) 321-8224 ext 13

  2. Hi David,

    I stumbled across your story and was very impressed, and a little dismayed that you didn't seem to have a lot of outside support (at least judging from here) if it's OK with you I created a Face book group to bring attention to your cause and hopefully get you some more followers. If it's not let me know and I'll remove it immediately. Good luck on your journey!

  3. Hello, Ray! I just wanted to let you know, on David's behalf, that he actually has a website and Facebook cause already set up.

    If you search "HelpingStepByStep" on Facebook, you will find David's cause. Also, his website is Thank you for wanting to support David on his inspiring journey! We are partnering with David on this project and are thrilled to see the support he is getting. We hope it continues to grow!

    -Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida

    PS - Hi, Zach! Glad to see you are doing well on your journey! Good luck as you complete it!

  4. David,
    Congratulations on your first day. Hope today went well. Please know that we are all pulling for you and thinking about you.

  5. go go go! your on a great path.. for you and for others!! go go go!

    will you be through asheville nc? we would love to get some attention for you in our area if you come this way!

  6. So far so good David!! When will you be coming through Alachua and High Springs,Fla. We would like to walk with you during you walk through here. melissa

  7. Hello David, We've been thinking about you today. Keep the faith and stay encouraged. The kids are rooting for you!

  8. Good luck! I heard about your walk and decided to check out your blog...I'll be following along with you :)

    I will make a care package of hygiene stuff for the Rescue Outreach Center this weekend.

  9. Wow, what an inspiration! Thanks so much for leading the way. Don't know if you're letting people walk with you for encouragment/support, but I'd love to join you wherever you are next Saturday (I'm from Orlando, too). Understand if you'd like to walk alone, too, just thought I'd offer. Hope the day went well. Looking forward to the next update!

  10. Hello David!!!

    You are amazing!! i couldn't do what you are doing now if my life depended on it!!! great job so far you are changing lives. good luck on the rest of your trip and i will keep you in my prayers. GREAT JOB!