Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just Wakin up!

Today, I am finishing up replying to all the emails I have received these past few days. I will be on Fox 35 in the morning on their morning show this Monday. Check it out. Haven't yet done a live television report yet, but feel most certain that it won't be my last.

I have my cousin in town, that I haven't seen in so long, so after I finish that we are gonna hang out for the day.

Will check bac later with and let you know how my day is going and share some of the wonderful news we have pouring in, until then...

David Ashby


  1. Woooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! I admire you...I was homeless when I was 16-17! It's scary but so are some of the situations we are trying to get away from that lead to some teenage homelessness. I want to donate whatever I can.. How do I do that..? melissa

  2. How does one become a sponsor/contributor to David's walk??

  3. I was homeless at 14, and on the streets. I am now a 42 year old who has spent her life trying to save the world because of that fact. I have been humbled by you. Your strength and passion for those less fortunate than yourself is something the whole world needs to learn. You are a wise teacher and leader. Keep walking and I can't wait till you get here to DC. We are waiting for you!!!
    (Another Keeler is the VA/DC area)

  4. Thank you for yor kind words everyone